Christians are entrusted with the tremendous honor — and the enormous responsibility — of sharing God‘s love with the world. The privilege comes from seeing that love’s curative power in the lives of wounded individuals. The difficulty arises when persuading those who have little interest in God to understand the transformative power of His love. The following are five measures you may take to overcome the obstacle.

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1. Attend Church

While this may seem self-evident, preparing and committing to attend church regularly is an excellent approach to be deliberate about our religion. When we go regularly, we get a weekly dosage of encouragement and strength, as well as a reminder of who God is and who we are in Him, which serves as an excellent basis for our Faith.

2. Baptism is a powerful way to tell your story.

If you’ve accepted Jesus as your Savior but have not yet been baptized, sharing your experience is an excellent opportunity to publicly affirm your commitment to Christ as a follower. Jesus states in Matthew 28:19 that the nations will be made disciples via Baptism—and He desires the same for us. Baptism is for anybody who has not yet shared their experience of life transformation due to Jesus. When we share our experiences, we inspire others to do the same.

3. Connect With Us

We understand that we were not designed to navigate life alone. Connecting with people entails developing relationships. If you’re unsure where to begin, joining a LIFE Group is an excellent place to start. Being a part of a LIFE Group enables us to meet regularly with individuals with whom we can communicate, rely on, and examine God‘s word. Finding your people entails establishing a group and sharing life experiences.

4. Begin Serving

Serving in the Church is a practical method to make deepening your religion a habit. Serving enables us to contribute to the creation of circumstances conducive to life transformation, therefore involving you directly in God‘s work at LCBC. Utilizing our gifts and abilities to help others not only allows others to feel God‘s love but also allows us to see what God can accomplish through us.

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